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Everyone who loves hiking can enjoy the marvellous attraction that the island give out! Sea and mountain, sky and earth united in a limestone and dolomite island that shine in the sun. Tavolara is therefore an unmissable stop for all travelers who love trekking of any kind of difficulty. There are three types of trails on the island: the first type is an easy trekking T (Touristic) that allows you to discover the whole Western Isthmus of Tavolara and the southern part of Punta della Mandria, the second type is an EE trekking (Expert Hikers) that reach a beautiful and panoramic valley called (Pratone), the third type is the EEA (Equipped Expert Hikers) trails that lead to the top of the island: Punta Cannone. A fourth challenging mountaineering trail is the 'Via Ferrata degli Angeli', we will talk about it separately.



Tavolara Trekking EEA Punta Cannone

The summit of the island of Tavolara allows you to enjoy an amazing perspective on the entire Coastal Gallura and far beyond ... The blue sea surrounding the island seems to be lost on the eastern horizon to get confused with the sky. The EEA hiking that leads to Punta Cannone (564 meters) runs around a day, gaining about 600 meters of altitude difference for a total of about 7 kilometers. The first part of the trauk force us to walk on stony ground in the middle of the Mediterranean scrub with a good altitude difference up to 300 m. The last part of the approach to Punta Cannone requires harness, helmet and via ferrata kit to face smalls equipped segments.

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Tavolara Ferrata Angeli Sardegna

Via Ferrata degli Angeli is a challenging EEA trail that faces the southern peaks of Tavolara Island, giving us a unique perspective of the sea below us. Along the Via Ferrata alternate moderately difficult and difficult traits characterizing to be an EEA with first-degree climbing points. The equipped trail allows you to reach the high part of the island by touching Punta di Lucca (541 meters) and then Punta Cannone (564 meters).

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TREKKING EE (Expert Hikers)

Trekking EE Tavolara Senza Corde

Even without harnesses and rope in Tavolara you can enjoy wonderful panoramas. The trail for Expert Hikers allows you to reach the valley of 'pratone', a vast green plateau from which you can enjoy an enchanting panorama. The Punta di Lucca and Punta Cannone dominate the sky; although it does not need harnesses and ropes it is to be considered for Experienced Excursionists because the difference in altitude is remarkable and the rocky path with stone trails is suitable for those who are in good physical condition.

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TREKKING T (Turistico)

Tavolara Escursione Trekking Turistico

Tavolara is also ideal for those who want to enjoy trekking without any challenging part but to enjoy the vastness of the island with the blue sea bathing it. The tourist itinerary develops between the western isthmus of Tavolara (with the passage called 'passetto'), the beach of Cala Tramontana since to Punta della Mandria.

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