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The Marine Protected Area of Tavolara and Punta Coda Cavallo offers to all kayak lovers a wonderful resource to enjoy the beaches, islands, wrecks and cliffs that distinguish the area. We have created for you four itineraries that will let you fall in love with this coastal area. All itineraries are from Cala Finanza Harbor, from here we will embark on daily and half day tours.



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 ITINERARY 1: Isola Piana – Porto Istana – Costa Corallina – Cala Finanza

Kilometers: 9,5

This beautiful half-day kayak adventure allow us to reach the Cavalli Island (opposite to Porto San Paolo) and then head straight to the small beach of Piana Island, a wonderful bay with crystal clear water. From here we will cross the seafront that divides the Isola Piana from Capo Ceraso, reaching to the famous beach of Porto Istana. Porto Istana is certainly one of the most beautiful 'cala' located south of Olbia and will be our half-day stop. From here, passing through the Fishermen's Beach, we reach the Costa Corallina beach and then head back to the Cala Finanza.

Kayak Isola Piana Sardegna Tavolara alle spalle

Kayak Tavolara Spiaggia del Dottore sullo sfondo

ITINERARY 2: Isola Piana – Tavolara – Relitto di Chrisso – Cala Finanza

Kilometers: 9,5

Paddles in the hands we reach the Isle of the Horses and then heading for the small is the wonderful beach of Piana Island; this is famous for its crystal clear waters that bathe it. Our next stage is the great Tavolara Island which is eastward, piling through the 'passetto' (a step with low water and emerald) we reach the beach of Spalmatore di Terra; this will be our half-day stop. From here, we will head to the wreck of the Chrisso that has been laying for 43 years.

Kayal Tavolara Molara Isola Piana

Kayak Tavolara verso Tavolara


ITINERARY 1: Isola Piana – Tavolara – Molara – Sassi Piatti – Relitto di Chrisso – Cala Finanza

Kilometers: 19

We start our day from the port of Cala Finanza to reach the wonderful beach of Piana Island, from here we move to the island of Tavolara. Passing for the 'passetto' emerald, a stretch of sea with very low water that characterizes Tavolara's isthmus, we reach the Spalmatore di Terra Beach. We will take the direction of Punta della Mandria and head towards Molara and towards its pools. The Pools are a famous sea water stretch famous for water transparency, the 5 meter deep backdrop seems to be on hand! Molara will be our mid-day stage. Once refreshed we will move to Punta Molara where Cala Girgolu and the 'Sassi Piatti' are waiting for us. By the curious name, these stones are lush granite slabs that slowly degrade to the sea creating a spectacle of unique transparency and colors! Pass Gold Coast and Punta Don Diego we will admire the wreck of the Chrisso and then return to Cala Finanza.

Kayak Isola Piana Sardegna Tavolara

Tavolara Kayak Sardina Spalmatore Terra

ITINERARY 2: Porto Istana – Cala del Dottore – Tavolara – Relitto del Chrisso – Isola Piana – Cala Finanza

Kilometers: 17

From the port of Cala Finanza we start our trip taking northwest direction and heading to the famous beach of Porto Istana, passing through the Coral Bay fjord. Porto Istana is a cove formed by three small bays where the sandy backdrop gives us a Caribbean atmosphere. From Porto Istana we move eastward to Capo Ceraso and meet two small pearls embedded in the Sardinian Sea: the Three Sisters Beach and the Cala del Dottore. These small bays, hardly lit, give us a wild and unusual portion of the Costa Smeralda. Now we begin our journey to the island of Tavolara (our half-day stop), here we will enjoy some rest and we will refresh ourselves in the long beach of the Spalmatore di Terra. Our afternoon is spent between the wreck of Chrisso motorboat and the small and wonderful beach of Piana Island.

Kayak Tavolara pagaiando verso Tavolara

Kayal Tavolara Isola Molara